1953 Fiat 1400 1.9 D EL Technical Specifications

Home / 1953 Fiat 1400 1.9 D Cylinder bore 82,1 mm., EL vendor, transmission type manual, redline 3200 rpm., torque net 134 nm.
  • Body: (not found)
  • Year produced: 1953
  • Capacity (cc): 1901 cc
  • Catalog number: EL
  • Fuel type: Diesel

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Catalog CodeModelVolumeTransmission
ELBB1982 Fiat Panda 0.9903 см3n\a
ELB82004 Fiat Panda 1.2 4x41242 см3Manual
ELBL1983 Fiat Panda 843 см3n\a
ELBM1985 Fiat Panda 1999 см3Manual
ELBZ2012 Fiat Panda 1.11107 см3Manual
ELBC1988 Fiat Panda 770 см3Manual
ELB72005 Fiat Panda 1.2 4x41240 см3Manual
ELB12012 Fiat Panda 1.21242 см3Manual
ELB52009 Fiat Panda 1.2 4x41242 см3Manual
ELBD1981 Fiat Panda 843 см3n\a
ELBJ2007 Fiat Panda 100 HP1368 см3Manual
ELBH2007 Fiat Panda 1.11107 см3Manual
ELBP2006 Fiat Panda 1.11108 см3Manual
ELBA1984 Fiat Panda 843 см3n\a
ELBX2010 Fiat Panda 1.21242 см3Manual
ELBF2005 Fiat Panda 100 HP1368 см3Manual
ELBN2003 Fiat Panda 1.11108 см3Manual
ELBK2011 Fiat Panda 1.11107 см3Manual
ELB02011 Fiat Panda 1.21242 см3Manual
ELBR1982 Fiat Panda 652 см3n\a
ELBW2008 Fiat Panda 1.21242 см3Manual
ELB42006 Fiat Panda 1.2 4x41240 см3Manual
ELBS2010 Fiat Panda 1.11107 см3Manual
ELBT2007 Fiat Panda 1.21242 см3Manual
ELBI2009 Fiat Panda 100 HP1368 см3Manual
ELBU2009 Fiat Panda 1.11107 см3Manual
ELBG2010 Fiat Panda 100 HP1368 см3Manual
ELBY2003 Fiat Panda 1.21249 см3Manual
ELB92012 Fiat Panda 1.2 4x41242 см3Manual
ELBE1996 Fiat Panda 769 см3Manual
ELB32008 Fiat Panda 1.2 4WD1242 см3Manual
ELB62011 Fiat Panda 1.2 4x41242 см3Manual
ELBQ2005 Fiat Panda 1.1 City1108 см3Manual
ELBO2008 Fiat Panda 1.11106 см3Manual
ELBV2005 Fiat Panda 1108 см3Manual
ELB21991 Fiat Panda 1.1 4x41108 см3Manual
EL8B1999 Fiat Scudo 1581 см3Manual
EL881998 Fiat Siena 11910 см3Manual
EL8L2012 Fiat Sedici 1.9 Multijet1910 см3Manual
EL8M2005 Fiat Seicento 1108 см3Manual
EL8Z2002 Fiat Seicento 1.11114 см3Manual
EL8C2009 Fiat Sedici 1.61586 см3Manual
EL871999 Fiat Siena 11910 см3Manual
EL811998 Fiat Seicento Suite1108 см3Manual
EL851997 Fiat Siena 11910 см3Manual
EL8D2008 Fiat Sedici 1.61586 см3Manual
EL8J2008 Fiat Sedici 1.9 M-Jet1910 см3Manual
EL8H2011 Fiat Sedici 1.61586 см3Manual
EL8P2010 Fiat Sedici 1.9 Multijet1910 см3Manual
EL8A1997 Fiat Scudo 1579 см3Manual
EL8X1999 Fiat Seicento 1.11116 см3Manual
EL8F2010 Fiat Sedici 1.61586 см3Manual
EL8N2012 Fiat Sedici 1.61586 см3Manual
EL8K2007 Fiat Sedici 1.6 16V1586 см3Manual
EL802005 Fiat Seicento 1.11116 см3Manual
EL8R2003 Fiat Seicento 1.11116 см3Manual
EL8W1999 Fiat Seicento 898 см3Manual
EL842003 Fiat Siena 999 см3Manual
EL8S2000 Fiat Seicento 1.11114 см3Manual
EL8T2001 Fiat Seicento 1.11116 см3Manual
EL8I2007 Fiat Sedici 1.9 Multijet1910 см3Manual
EL8U2004 Fiat Seicento 1.11116 см3Manual
EL8G1999 Fiat Scudo 2.0 D1997 см3n\a
EL8Y1998 Fiat Seicento Sporting1107 см3Manual
EL892000 Fiat Siena 11910 см3Manual
EL8E2000 Fiat Scudo 21997 см3n\a
EL832004 Fiat Siena 999 см3Manual
EL861996 Fiat Siena 11910 см3Manual
EL8Q2011 Fiat Sedici 1.9 Multijet1910 см3Manual
EL8O2009 Fiat Sedici 1.9 Multijet1910 см3Manual
EL8V1998 Fiat Seicento S899 см3Manual
EL822005 Fiat Siena 999 см3Manual
ELLB1984 Fiat Uno 0.9903 см3Manual
ELL81992 Fiat Vivace 1372 см3Manual
ELLL1983 Fiat Uno 60 S1116 см3Manual
ELLM1983 Fiat Uno 1.3 D1301 см3n\a
ELLZ1997 Fiat Vivace 1371 см3Manual
ELLC1983 Fiat Uno 1.31302 см3Manual
ELL71981 Fiat Vivace 1372 см3Manual
ELL11991 Fiat Vivace 1372 см3Manual
ELL51982 Fiat Vivace 1372 см3Manual
ELLD1991 Fiat Uno 901 см3Manual
ELLJ1989 Fiat Uno 1.4 Turbo D1367 см3Manual
ELLH1994 Fiat Uno 1.41372 см3n\a
ELLP1983 Fiat Uno 70SX1242 см3Manual
ELLA1985 Fiat Uno 1.11116 см3Manual
ELLX1989 Fiat Uno 70 SX IE1372 см3Manual
ELLF1993 Fiat Uno 1.11116 см3Manual
ELLN1989 Fiat Uno 60 Selecta1114 см3n\a
ELLK1983 Fiat Uno 45S Fire999 см3n\a
ELL01995 Fiat Vivace 1372 см3Manual
ELLR1992 Fiat Uno 0.9903 см3Manual
ELLW1990 Fiat Uno 1999 см3n\a
ELL41987 Fiat Vivace 1372 см3Manual
ELLS1989 Fiat Uno 1.7 D1697 см3Manual
ELLT1983 Fiat Uno 45 Formula903 см3Manual
ELLI1989 Fiat Uno 45 Trend903 см3n\a
ELLU1986 Fiat Uno 1.7 D1697 см3Manual
ELLG1990 Fiat Uno 1.31317 см3Manual
ELLY1985 Fiat Uno Turbo IE1242 см3Manual
ELL91990 Fiat Uno 1.41372 см3Manual
ELLE1989 Fiat Uno 1.3 Diesel1300 см3Manual
ELL31994 Fiat Vivace 1372 см3Manual
ELL61996 Fiat Vivace 1372 см3Manual
ELLQ1989 Fiat Uno 60 SX1108 см3Manual
ELLO1989 Fiat Uno 1.5 S Selecta1498 см3n\a
ELLV1995 Fiat Uno 1.41371 см3n\a
ELL21954 Fiat V8 1996 см3Manual