AQ Specification - make: Fiat, model: 1100 TV Spider

Home / 1954 Fiat 1100 TV Spider 4 seats, AQ vendor, 4 cylinders, fuel type gasoline, height 1480 mm., length 3790 mm., width 1290 mm., body type cabriolet, 2 doors.
  • Body: Cabriolet
  • Year produced: 1954
  • Capacity (cc): 1089 cc
  • Catalog number: AQ
  • Fuel type: Gasoline

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Catalog CodeModelVolumeTransmission
AQYB1991 Fiat Uno 901 см3Manual
AQY81983 Fiat Vivace 1372 см3Manual
AQYL1989 Fiat Uno 60 Selecta1114 см3n\a
AQYM1989 Fiat Uno 1.5 S Selecta1498 см3n\a
AQYZ1991 Fiat Vivace 1372 см3Manual
AQYC1989 Fiat Uno 1.3 Diesel1300 см3Manual
AQY71990 Fiat Uno 1.41372 см3Manual
AQY11994 Fiat Vivace 1372 см3Manual
AQY51981 Fiat Vivace 1372 см3Manual
AQYD1993 Fiat Uno 1.11116 см3Manual
AQYJ1983 Fiat Uno 60 S1116 см3Manual
AQYH1989 Fiat Uno 1.4 Turbo D1367 см3Manual
AQYP1992 Fiat Uno 0.9903 см3Manual
AQYA1983 Fiat Uno 1.31302 см3Manual
AQYX1997 Fiat Vivace 1371 см3Manual
AQYF1994 Fiat Uno 1.41372 см3n\a
AQYN1983 Fiat Uno 70SX1242 см3Manual
AQYK1983 Fiat Uno 1.3 D1301 см3n\a
AQY01954 Fiat V8 1996 см3Manual
AQYR1983 Fiat Uno 45 Formula903 см3Manual
AQYW1985 Fiat Uno Turbo IE1242 см3Manual
AQY41996 Fiat Vivace 1372 см3Manual
AQYS1986 Fiat Uno 1.7 D1697 см3Manual
AQYT1995 Fiat Uno 1.41371 см3n\a
AQYI1983 Fiat Uno 45S Fire999 см3n\a
AQYU1990 Fiat Uno 1999 см3n\a
AQYG1989 Fiat Uno 45 Trend903 см3n\a
AQYY1995 Fiat Vivace 1372 см3Manual
AQY91986 Fiat Vivace 1372 см3Manual
AQYE1990 Fiat Uno 1.31317 см3Manual
AQY31982 Fiat Vivace 1372 см3Manual
AQY61992 Fiat Vivace 1372 см3Manual
AQYQ1989 Fiat Uno 1.7 D1697 см3Manual
AQYO1989 Fiat Uno 60 SX1108 см3Manual
AQYV1989 Fiat Uno 70 SX IE1372 см3Manual
AQY21987 Fiat Vivace 1372 см3Manual
AQ9B1992 Fiat Cinquecento 0.9897 см3Manual
AQ982007 Fiat Croma 1.9 8V Multijet1910 см3Manual
AQ9L2000 Fiat Coupe 1746 см3Manual
AQ9M1992 Fiat Cinquecento 704 см3Manual
AQ9Z2005 Fiat Croma 1.91909 см3Manual
AQ9C1993 Fiat Cinquecento Lucciola490 см3Manual
AQ972011 Fiat Croma 1.9 Multijet1910 см3Manual
AQ912007 Fiat Croma 1.9 16V Multijet1910 см3Manual
AQ952012 Fiat Croma 1.81794 см3Manual
AQ9D1998 Fiat Coupe 1747 см3Manual
AQ9J1965 Fiat Coupe 2277 см3n\a
AQ9H1954 Fiat Campagnola 2000D1995 см3Manual
AQ9P1995 Fiat Coupe Turbo1909 см3Manual
AQ9A1991 Fiat Cinquecento 903 см3Manual
AQ9X2009 Fiat Croma 1.81794 см3Manual
AQ9F1999 Fiat Coupe 1747 см3Manual
AQ9N1996 Fiat Cinquecento 703 см3Manual
AQ9K1997 Fiat Coupe 1747 см3Manual
AQ902011 Fiat Croma 1.81794 см3Manual
AQ9R1996 Fiat Coupe 21995 см3Manual
AQ9W2010 Fiat Croma 1.81794 см3Manual
AQ942008 Fiat Croma 1.9 Multijet1910 см3Manual
AQ9S1985 Fiat Croma 2490 см3Manual
AQ9T2005 Fiat Croma 1799 см3n\a
AQ9I1979 Fiat Campagnola 2.0 D1995 см3Manual
AQ9U1995 Fiat Coupe 1.81747 см3Manual
AQ9G1966 Fiat Coupe 2279 см3n\a
AQ9Y1986 Fiat Croma 1583 см3Manual
AQ992008 Fiat Croma 1.9 Multijet Automatic1910 см3Automatic
AQ9E1993 Fiat Cinquecento 702 см3Manual
AQ932006 Fiat Croma 1.9 Multijet1909 см3Manual
AQ962010 Fiat Croma 1.9 Multijet1910 см3Manual
AQ9Q1996 Fiat Coupe 2.0 Turbo1998 см3Manual
AQ9O1994 Fiat Cinquecento 704 см3Manual
AQ9V2006 Fiat Croma 1798 см3Automatic
AQ922007 Fiat Croma 1.9 16V Multijet Automatic1910 см3Automatic
AQEB1983 Fiat Argenta 1585 см3n\a
AQE82008 Fiat Bravo 1.4 T-Jet Active1368 см3Manual
AQEL1962 Fiat Berline Speciale2279 см3n\a
AQEM1963 Fiat Berline Speciale2279 см3n\a
AQEZ1995 Fiat Bravo 100 SX1580 см3Manual
AQEC2003 Fiat Albea 1.61580 см3Manual
AQE72007 Fiat Bravo 1.4 16V1368 см3Manual
AQE12000 Fiat Barchetta 1.8 16V1747 см3Manual
AQE51996 Fiat Barchetta 1.8 16V1747 см3Manual
AQED2012 Fiat Albea 1368 см3Manual
AQEJ2002 Fiat Barchetta 1.8 16V1747 см3Manual
AQEH2004 Fiat Barchetta 1.8 16V1755 см3Manual
AQEP1999 Fiat Brava 1.2 80 SX1241 см3Manual
AQEA1982 Fiat Argenta 1585 см3n\a
AQEX1996 Fiat Brava 1.9 TD 75 SX1910 см3Manual
AQEF1996 Fiat Armadillo 1998 см3Automatic
AQEN1964 Fiat Berline Speciale 23002279 см3n\a
AQEK2003 Fiat Barchetta 1.8 16V1747 см3Manual
AQE02001 Fiat Barchetta 1.8 16v1747 см3Manual
AQER1995 Fiat Brava 1.2 80 SX1242 см3Manual
AQEW1995 Fiat Brava 1.8 115 ELX1747 см3Manual
AQE42009 Fiat Bravo 1.41368 см3Manual
AQES1996 Fiat Brava 1.4 12V1369 см3Manual
AQET2000 Fiat Brava 1.6 100 SX1581 см3Manual
AQEI1999 Fiat Barchetta 1.8 16V1747 см3Manual
AQEU1996 Fiat Brava 1.6 100 SX1581 см3Manual
AQEG1981 Fiat Argenta 21995 см3n\a
AQEY2001 Fiat Brava 1.6 100 SX1581 см3Manual
AQE92009 Fiat Bravo 1.4 T-Jet1368 см3Manual
AQEE1985 Fiat Argenta 1585 см3n\a
AQE31997 Fiat Barchetta 1.8 16V1747 см3Manual
AQE61998 Fiat Barchetta 1.8 16V1747 см3Manual
AQEQ1998 Fiat Brava 1.2 80 SX1242 см3Manual
AQEO1961 Fiat Berline Speciale 2.32279 см3n\a
AQEV1997 Fiat Brava 1.4 12V1370 см3Manual
AQE22010 Fiat Bravo 1.41368 см3Manual