Fiat 500 POP 2013 (AE) Full Specs

Home / 2013 Fiat 500 POP Engine location front, traction front, AE vendor, fuel type gasoline, 2 doors, 4 seats, wheelbase 2301 mm., displacement 1368 cc., transmission type 5-speed manual.
  • Body: Coupe
  • Year produced: 2013
  • Capacity (cc): 1368 cc
  • Catalog number: AE
  • Fuel type: Gasoline

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Catalog CodeModelVolumeTransmission
AE4B1970 Fiat Campagnola 1.91901 см3Manual
AE481997 Fiat Coupe 1747 см3Manual
AE4L1969 Fiat Campagnola 1.91901 см3Manual
AE4M1962 Fiat Campagnola 1.91901 см3Manual
AE4Z1992 Fiat Cinquecento 0.9897 см3Manual
AE4C1977 Fiat Campagnola 1993 см3Manual
AE471965 Fiat Coupe 2277 см3n\a
AE411998 Fiat Coupe 1747 см3Manual
AE451954 Fiat Campagnola 2000D1995 см3Manual
AE4D1963 Fiat Campagnola 1.91901 см3Manual
AE4J1972 Fiat Campagnola 1.91901 см3Manual
AE4H1961 Fiat Campagnola 1.91901 см3Manual
AE4P1967 Fiat Campagnola 1.91901 см3Manual
AE4A1981 Fiat Campagnola 1994 см3Manual
AE4X1995 Fiat Cinquecento 704 см3Manual
AE4F1951 Fiat Campagnola 1901 см3Manual
AE4N1971 Fiat Campagnola 1.91899 см3Manual
AE4K1968 Fiat Campagnola 1.91899 см3Manual
AE401993 Fiat Cinquecento Lucciola490 см3Manual
AE4R1955 Fiat Campagnola 1.91901 см3Manual
AE4W1958 Fiat Campagnola D1995 см3Manual
AE441966 Fiat Coupe 2279 см3n\a
AE4S1956 Fiat Campagnola 1.9 D1910 см3Manual
AE4T1955 Fiat Campagnola 1.9D2054 см3Manual
AE4I1960 Fiat Campagnola 1.91899 см3Manual
AE4U1959 Fiat Campagnola 1.9 D1994 см3Manual
AE4G1959 Fiat Campagnola 1.91901 см3Manual
AE4Y1991 Fiat Cinquecento 903 см3Manual
AE492000 Fiat Coupe 1746 см3Manual
AE4E1965 Fiat Campagnola 1.91901 см3Manual
AE431999 Fiat Coupe 1747 см3Manual
AE461979 Fiat Campagnola 2.0 D1995 см3Manual
AE4Q1958 Fiat Campagnola 19001901 см3Manual
AE4O1966 Fiat Campagnola 1.91901 см3Manual
AE4V1979 Fiat Campagnola 2.4 D2445 см3Manual
AE421993 Fiat Cinquecento 702 см3Manual
AESB1988 Fiat Tipo 1.6 DGT1581 см3Manual
AES82006 Fiat Ulysse 2.0 Automatic1997 см3Automatic
AESL2001 Fiat Ulysse 1998 см3Manual
AESM1988 Fiat Tipo 2.0 Automatica1995 см3Automatic
AESZ2007 Fiat Ulysse 2.0 Automatic1997 см3Automatic
AESC1990 Fiat Tempra 21995 см3Manual
AES71999 Fiat Ulysse 2.0 D1997 см3Manual
AES11995 Fiat Ulysse 1.9 D1904 см3Manual
AES52004 Fiat Ulysse 2.0 Automatic1910 см3Automatic
AESD1992 Fiat Tempra 2.0 Break1995 см3Manual
AESJ1988 Fiat Tipo 1.8 IE1756 см3Manual
AESH1991 Fiat Tempra Break1993 см3Manual
AESP1988 Fiat Tipo DS1695 см3Manual
AESA1994 Fiat Tempra Break1995 см3Manual
AESX2004 Fiat Ulysse 21910 см3Manual
AESF1990 Fiat Tempra 1.9 D1929 см3Manual
AESN1991 Fiat Tipo 2.0 IE1993 см3Manual
AESK1997 Fiat Ulysse 1761 см3Manual
AES01998 Fiat Ulysse 1761 см3Manual
AESR2000 Fiat Ulysse 1998 см3Manual
AESW2006 Fiat Ulysse 21997 см3Manual
AES41994 Fiat Ulysse 21998 см3Manual
AESS2007 Fiat Ulysse 21997 см3Manual
AEST2005 Fiat Ulysse 1997 см3Manual
AESI1988 Fiat Tipo 1.9 DS DGT1927 см3Manual
AESU1999 Fiat Ulysse 1998 см3Manual
AESG1995 Fiat Ulysse 1998 см3Manual
AESY2009 Fiat Ulysse 21997 см3Manual
AES92005 Fiat Ulysse 2.0 Eleganza1910 см3Manual
AESE1988 Fiat Tipo Turbo DSX1927 см3Manual
AES32008 Fiat Ulysse 21995 см3Manual
AES62012 Fiat Ulysse 21997 см3Manual
AESQ2010 Fiat Ulysse 21997 см3Manual
AESO1996 Fiat Ulysse 1998 см3Manual
AESV1994 Fiat Ulysse 1998 см3Manual
AES22008 Fiat Ulysse 2.0 Automatic1995 см3Automatic
AETB2011 Fiat Ulysse 2.2 JTD2179 см3Manual
AET81983 Fiat Uno 1.3 D1301 см3n\a
AETL2010 Fiat Ulysse 3.0 Admiral2946 см3Automatic
AETM2005 Fiat Ulysse 3.0 V6 Admiral2946 см3Automatic
AETZ1991 Fiat Uno 901 см3Manual
AETC2009 Fiat Ulysse 2.2 JTD2179 см3Manual
AET71983 Fiat Uno 60 S1116 см3Manual
AET11993 Fiat Uno 1.11116 см3Manual
AET51989 Fiat Uno 1.4 Turbo D1367 см3Manual
AETD2008 Fiat Ulysse 2.2 JTD2179 см3Manual
AETJ2008 Fiat Ulysse 3.0 Admiral2944 см3Automatic
AETH2004 Fiat Ulysse 2.2 JTD Dynamic2178 см3Manual
AETP2007 Fiat Ulysse 2.2 JTD2179 см3Manual
AETA2005 Fiat Ulysse 2.0 Eleganza Automatic1910 см3Automatic
AETX1984 Fiat Uno 0.9903 см3Manual
AETF2012 Fiat Ulysse 2.2 JTD2179 см3Manual
AETN2012 Fiat Ulysse 3.0 Admiral2946 см3Automatic
AETK2006 Fiat Ulysse 3.0 Admiral2946 см3Automatic
AET01989 Fiat Uno 1.3 Diesel1300 см3Manual
AETR2011 Fiat Ulysse 3.0 Admiral2946 см3Automatic
AETW1985 Fiat Uno 1.11116 см3Manual
AET41989 Fiat Uno 45 Trend903 см3n\a
AETS1988 Fiat Uno 903 см3Manual
AETT1985 Fiat Uno 903 см3Manual
AETI2009 Fiat Ulysse 3.0 Admiral2946 см3Automatic
AETU1986 Fiat Uno 903 см3Manual
AETG2007 Fiat Ulysse 3.0 Admiral2946 см3Automatic
AETY1983 Fiat Uno 1.31302 см3Manual
AET91989 Fiat Uno 60 Selecta1114 см3n\a
AETE2010 Fiat Ulysse 2.2 JTD2179 см3Manual
AET31994 Fiat Uno 1.41372 см3n\a
AET61983 Fiat Uno 45S Fire999 см3n\a
AETQ1990 Fiat Uno 903 см3Manual
AETO2004 Fiat Ulysse 3.0 V6 Admiral2946 см3Automatic
AETV2005 Fiat Ulysse 2.2 JTD Dynamic2179 см3Manual
AET21990 Fiat Uno 1.31317 см3Manual