Technical specs, dimensions of 71 1962 Fiat 500

Home / 1962 Fiat 500 4 seats, 71 vendor, 2 cylinders, fuel type gasoline, height 1330 mm., length 2980 mm., width 1330 mm., body type coupe, 2 doors.
  • Body: Coupe
  • Year produced: 1962
  • Capacity (cc): 499 cc
  • Catalog number: 71
  • Fuel type: Gasoline

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Catalog CodeModelVolumeTransmission
71IB2011 Fiat Bravo 2.0 Multijet1956 см3Manual
71I81968 Fiat Campagnola 1.91899 см3Manual
71IL1955 Fiat Campagnola 1901 см3Manual
71IM1953 Fiat Campagnola 1899 см3Manual
71IZ1970 Fiat Campagnola 1.91901 см3Manual
71IC1965 Fiat Cabriolet 1220 см3n\a
71I71972 Fiat Campagnola 1.91901 см3Manual
71I11963 Fiat Campagnola 1.91901 см3Manual
71I51961 Fiat Campagnola 1.91901 см3Manual
71ID1995 Fiat Bravo TD 75 SX1895 см3Manual
71IJ1963 Fiat Cabriolet 1.21221 см3n\a
71IH1962 Fiat Cabriolet 1220 см3n\a
71IP1954 Fiat Campagnola 1901 см3Manual
71IA1995 Fiat Bravo JTD 105 SX1893 см3Manual
71IX1979 Fiat Campagnola 1995 см3Manual
71IF1961 Fiat Cabriolet 1221 см3n\a
71IN1952 Fiat Campagnola 1901 см3Manual
71IK1961 Fiat Cabriolet 1.61585 см3n\a
71I01977 Fiat Campagnola 1993 см3Manual
71IR1980 Fiat Campagnola 1995 см3Manual
71IW1974 Fiat Campagnola 1995 см3Manual
71I41959 Fiat Campagnola 1.91901 см3Manual
71IS1976 Fiat Campagnola 1995 см3Manual
71IT1984 Fiat Campagnola 1995 см3Manual
71II1966 Fiat Cabriolet 1221 см3n\a
71IU1983 Fiat Campagnola 1995 см3Manual
71IG1964 Fiat Cabriolet 1221 см3n\a
71IY1981 Fiat Campagnola 1994 см3Manual
71I91969 Fiat Campagnola 1.91901 см3Manual
71IE2012 Fiat Bravo 1.8 E.torQ1747 см3Manual
71I31951 Fiat Campagnola 1901 см3Manual
71I61960 Fiat Campagnola 1.91899 см3Manual
71IQ1975 Fiat Campagnola 1995 см3Manual
71IO1957 Fiat Campagnola 1901 см3Manual
71IV1978 Fiat Campagnola 1995 см3Manual
71I21965 Fiat Campagnola 1.91901 см3Manual
71UB1985 Fiat Regata 1301 см3Manual
71U81985 Fiat Ritmo 1.9 D1929 см3n\a
71UL1983 Fiat Regata Turbo Diesel Super1929 см3Manual
71UM1983 Fiat Regata 851585 см3Manual
71UZ1979 Fiat Ritmo 1049 см3Manual
71UC1983 Fiat Regata 1001585 см3Manual
71U71981 Fiat Ritmo 1.61585 см3Manual
71U11978 Fiat Ritmo 1.31301 см3Manual
71U51979 Fiat Ritmo 1.7 D1714 см3Manual
71UD1983 Fiat Regata 1.51498 см3Manual
71UJ1985 Fiat Regata 1.7 D Weekend1698 см3Manual
71UH1983 Fiat Regata 1.7 D1714 см3Manual
71UP1985 Fiat Regata Weekend1300 см3Manual
71UA1987 Fiat Regata 1301 см3Manual
71UX1981 Fiat Ritmo 1049 см3Manual
71UF1983 Fiat Regata 1.61585 см3Manual
71UN1988 Fiat Regata Weekend1301 см3Manual
71UK1983 Fiat Regata 701301 см3Manual
71U01983 Fiat Ritmo 1.11116 см3Manual
71UR1986 Fiat Regata Weekend1301 см3Manual
71UW1986 Fiat Ritmo 1116 см3n\a
71U41983 Fiat Ritmo 1.61568 см3n\a
71US1987 Fiat Ritmo 1116 см3n\a
71UT1984 Fiat Ritmo 1116 см3n\a
71UI1985 Fiat Regata 1.9 D Weekend1929 см3Manual
71UU1985 Fiat Ritmo 1116 см3n\a
71UG1985 Fiat Regata 1.6 Weekend1568 см3Manual
71UY1978 Fiat Ritmo 1049 см3Manual
71U91983 Fiat Ritmo 21995 см3n\a
71UE1985 Fiat Regata 1.5 Weekend1585 см3Manual
71U31978 Fiat Ritmo 1.5 Automatic1498 см3Automatic
71U61983 Fiat Ritmo 1.7 D1714 см3n\a
71UQ1983 Fiat Ritmo 1116 см3n\a
71UO1987 Fiat Regata Weekend1301 см3Manual
71UV1982 Fiat Ritmo 1116 см3n\a
71U21978 Fiat Ritmo 1.51498 см3Manual
71GB1968 Fiat 850 Coupe841 см3Manual
71G82003 Fiat Barchetta 1.8 16V1747 см3Manual
71GL2009 Fiat Albea 1368 см3Manual
71GM2011 Fiat Albea 1368 см3Manual
71GZ1983 Fiat Argenta 1585 см3n\a
71GC1970 Fiat 850 Coupe MK II903 см3Manual
71G72002 Fiat Barchetta 1.8 16V1747 см3Manual
71G12012 Fiat Albea 1368 см3Manual
71G52004 Fiat Barchetta 1.8 16V1755 см3Manual
71GD1966 Fiat 850 Coupe843 см3Manual
71GJ1971 Fiat 850 Coupe MK III847 см3n\a
71GH1952 Fiat 8V Coupe1901 см3Manual
71GP2010 Fiat Albea 1368 см3Manual
71GA1961 Fiat 850 Berlina Abarth847 см3n\a
71GX1983 Fiat Argenta 2.4 D2445 см3n\a
71GF1972 Fiat 850 Coupe MK III847 см3n\a
71GN2007 Fiat Albea 1368 см3Manual
71GK2008 Fiat Albea 1368 см3Manual
71G02003 Fiat Albea 1.61580 см3Manual
71GR1984 Fiat Argenta 1584 см3n\a
71GW2005 Fiat Albea 1248 см3Manual
71G41981 Fiat Argenta 21995 см3n\a
71GS2006 Fiat Albea 1368 см3Manual
71GT2004 Fiat Albea 1242 см3Manual
71GI1973 Fiat 850 Coupe MK III847 см3n\a
71GU1981 Fiat Argenta 1585 см3n\a
71GG1969 Fiat 850 Coupe Mk II903 см3Manual
71GY1982 Fiat Argenta 1585 см3n\a
71G91962 Fiat Berline Speciale2279 см3n\a
71GE1968 Fiat 850 Sport Coupe903 см3Manual
71G31996 Fiat Armadillo 1998 см3Automatic
71G61999 Fiat Barchetta 1.8 16V1747 см3Manual
71GQ2003 Fiat Albea 1.21248 см3Manual
71GO1982 Fiat Abarth Volumetrico 1311995 см3Manual
71GV1986 Fiat Argenta 1583 см3n\a
71G21985 Fiat Argenta 1585 см3n\a